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Our Favorite Wyoming Horse Drawn Wagon Adventures

Our Favorite Wyoming
Horse Drawn Wagon Adventures

(Jackson, WY)
Bar-T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout                                                                                  307-733-5386

If you're looking for an authentic covered wagon cookout just like the Old West cowboys had, you've come to the right place!  Jackson Hole's Original Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout will take you back to the good 'ol days filled with authentic Western hospitality.  You'll leave the town of Jackson Hole behind, traveling by a horse drawn covered wagon into the stunningly scenic Cache Creek Canyon. Along the trail, you never know what you'll encounter... after all, it is the West!  Once your wrangler guide drives your team of horses into camp, you'll immediately smell the fantastic aroma of a Dutch oven dinner that is awaiting you. When the dinner bell rings, it's time to jump into the chow line and enjoy a savory home cooked meal.  And don't worry if you want seconds as you can return all you want until the pots are empty!  After dinner, the Bar T 5 Band will take the stage and entertain you with fantastic hand clapping, foot stomping music, as well as plenty of laughter. You'll then take a peaceful wagon ride back down the canyon, following the setting sun until you're back at Jackson... just like they did in the Old West.  The evening may have seemed to go fast, but your memories of your Covered Wagon Cookout will last forever. So give us a call at 307-733-5386 or click on the link below to make your reservations today. We can assure you that your Covered Wagon Cookout will be the highlight of your trip to Jackson Hole.

(Jackson, WY)
National Elk Refuge Sleigh Rides                                                                                     307-733-0277

There's nothing like sitting in a horse drawn sleigh being surrounded by elk! That's exactly what you'll experience during your National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This century long tradition remains a one-of-a-kind wildlife activity that is like no other western adventure out there.  As your horse drawn sleigh ventures out into this vast refuge, you'll hear sounds and see sights that can only be found at this special place.  You'll have the opportunity to see thousands of elk that have migrated here to spend the winter, as well as other animals such as wolves, coyotes, eagles, bison, deer, badgers, foxes, trumpeter swans and much more. As a bonus, you and your sleigh will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in North America... featuring the world famous Teton Mountain Range of Grand Teton National Park. This amazing winter adventure is for all ages, and without a doubt will be the highlight of your visit to Jackson Hole.  So click on the link below or give us a call at 307-733-0277 to place your reservation for your National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride, an amazing experience that will provide wonderful lifelong memories.

(Jackson, WY)
Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure                                                                            888-734-6101

Escape from the Ordinary by joining us on an unforgettable 4 day/3 night Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventure through some of the most scenic country in North America.  (A seven day package is also available.)  Incomparable world class views will surround you as your wagon train completely encircles the majestic Teton Range and enters into remote backcountry directly next to Yellowstone National Park.  Your covered wagon is a modern version of the old Conestoga Wagons, with rubber tires instead of wagon wheels, and padded seats instead of hard wood.  Each night you'll stay at a new camp, and each day you'll see new and amazing country... with endless opportunities to see elk, moose and deer.  Two of the camps are located on the pristine shores of high mountain lakes, which are home to Trumpeter Swans and loons.  And for those of you who would prefer to ride a horse on this journey, gentle riding horses are provided for you to ride from camp to camp, and even ride deeper into the backcountry to see amazing overlooks and waterfalls.  And you’ll be in good hands as your wagon master and cowboy/cowgirl guides are all expert horsemen.  One of the highlights of your trek is the night you’ll camp on the top of the Teton Mountain Range and then venture into the “Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone.”   And while at camp, there’s plenty of fantastic things to do and experience... like throwing tomahawks and knives, canoeing, rope handling, trail riding, swimming, hiking and much more.  And after you’ve enjoyed a delicious authentic Western Dutch oven dinner, you can sit around a cozy campfire and sing along with the cowboys and hear their yarns about the Old West.  And there’s always surprises waiting for you in the backcountry... like meeting a mountain man or having a Pony Express rider deliver mail to your camp on the final day.  Folks of all ages can enjoy this epoch adventure... Guests from 4 to 85 have experienced this covered wagon trek of a lifetime, and many of them return again and again. So truly, for the adventure of a lifetime, there’s nothing that compares to the Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventure. Give us a call at 888-734-6101 or click on the link below to make your reservations.  This will without a doubt be the highlight of your trip, and the memories of this remarkable experience will remain with you forever.


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