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(Hamilton, MT)

Daly Mansion | 406-363-6004

In the heart of the Bitterroot Valley at Hamilton, Montana, rests the historic Daly Mansion.  Once the family summer home of the great 19th Century American industrialist Marcus Daly, who was known as one of the legendary "Copper Kings" of the world-famous late 1800's Butte Mining District, aptly named "The Richest Hill On Earth", Marcus Daly rose from a working class immigrant to an incredibly wealthy copper magnate and chose the Bitter Root Valley to locate his 22,000 acre farm and thoroughbred horse racing facilities. A remarkable Georgian-Revival style three story home, that now rests on 46.6  plush acres of historic grounds, contains 24,000 square foot (not counting the full basement) that evolved from the original farm house on the property.  It has over 50 rooms, with 25 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, 5 of which have mantles and surrounds of Italian marble. This amazing treasure of history and intrigue has a small staff and a team of over 100 volunteers who are completely dedicated to preserving the home and grounds so its visitors can truly enjoy their experience at the Daly Mansion. The expansive home is among the Distinctive Destinations of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which is a very prestigious honor. During the Summer Season, Mothers Day until the 2nd weekend in October, tours of the home are offered every day of the week, even holidays, on the hour starting at 10 am with the last tour of the day beginning at 3 pm. Off-season tours can be arranged by calling 406-363-6004, M-F 9-5 pm. The grounds are open during the summer season from 9 am to 5 pm. The Daly Mansion grounds and a large tent are available to rent for family reunions, weddings, special events and birthday parties during the in-season.  The Trophy Room inside the Daly Mansion is available to rent all year round, and some the first floor rooms can be rented during the off-season as well.  So if you're fascinated by history, and love to explore magnificent historic homes, then during your Montana vacation come visit the glorious home of a king... a Copper King!  406-363-6004

(Butte, MT)

Mineral Museum | 406-496-4414

The Mineral Museum, located on the Montana Tech campus, overlooks the 150-year-old Butte Mining District, better known as the Richest Hill on Earth. Classic mineral specimens from Butte’s underground mines, which include over 10,000 miles of mine workings that reach over a mile deep, illustrate the area’s tremendous mineral wealth.  The Museum exhibits educational displays and spectacular minerals from Montana and around the world. Prize specimens in our Montana collection include the Rheanna Star, an incredible smoky quartz cluster over 2 feet in diameter that was discovered near Butte in 2006. The Museum also houses a 27.5-ounce gold nugget recovered from a placer mining operation in the mountains south of Butte in 1989. Brilliant blue sapphires from Yogo Gulch and beautiful polished agates, Montana’s state stones, are displayed along with copper, zinc, and molybdenum minerals and talc, all examples of the industrial minerals that have figured so strongly in Montana’s economic history.  Azurite and malachite from Bisbee, Arizona, remarkable amethyst geodes from Brazil, and adamite from Mexico are just a few of the minerals from worldwide localities. The Fluorescent Room, where ordinary-looking minerals radiate extraordinary vibrant shades of pink, orange, and blue when exposed to ultraviolet light, is always a family favorite.  If you want to know what’s shakin’, the Museum has an interactive display about earthquakes. Video displays show real-time earthquake epicenters around the world as they happen as well as real-time seismic traces from a recorder near Butte.  The Mineral Museum is truly one of  Montana's treasures, and is unquestionably one of the top attractions on the Richest Hill on Earth.  Your visit to this world-class museum will definitely be among the highlights of your trip!  406-496-4414

(Butte, MT)

Copper King Mansion Guided Tours | 406-782-7580

Located in the heart of the Butte's National Historic Landmark District rests the world-famous Copper King Mansion.  Built in 1884-1888 by W. A. Clark, one of Butte's famous "Copper Kings" and one of the richest men on earth at the time, this magnificent mansion is an iconic symbol of what was once known as "The Richest Hill On Earth".  This remarkable 34 room Victorian home is now a wonderful bed and breakfast as well as a popular tourist attraction where guided tours take visitors on a journey into the past as they walk the halls and rooms of this historic mansion. There is also a fascinating museum!  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Copper King Mansion features elegant parquets of rare imported wood, fresco painted ceilings, ornate hand-carved stairways and fireplaces, stain-glass windows and gas and electric chandeliers.  Open all year round, there are 5 elegant bedrooms set aside for the bed and breakfast, each being adorned just as they were when W.A. Clark lived there during the remarkable days of Butte Montana... when copper was king.  In fact, you can sleep in W.A. Clark's very own master bedroom!  Each morning the bed and breakfast guests are welcome to a full breakfast served in the elegant main dining room.  And in addition to being a wonderful bed and breakfast setting, the Copper King Mansion is the perfect place for a wedding or other special event.  And during the summer, guided tours of the Copper King Mansion are provided to the public, where visitors can see this amazing home up close and personal, and learn all about its rich history.  Tour times from May 1st thru September 30th are 10 am, Noon, 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.  Free child admission with each paying adult if you mention "Enjoy Your Parks".  Winter tours are offered from October thru March by appointment only so we can schedule a guide.  Please give us as much notice as possible.  The tour takes about an hour.  Butte, Montana is home to some of the most colorful and fascinating history in the country, and the W. A. Clark Mansion, a.k.a. Copper King Mansion, is at the heart of it all. So during your Montana vacation, come spend the night or take a guided tour of this remarkable mansion... and learn all about one of the most fantastic era's in the history of Montana.  Call 406-782-7580 or click on the following link to make your reservations at Butte's Copper King Mansion today.

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