Our Favorite North Dakota Museums

North Dakota

Our Favorite North Dakota Museums

(Minot, ND)

Dakota Territory Air Museum | 701-852-8500

Founded in June 1986 with the desire to provide its visitors with the most complete aviation facility in not only the state but the entire region, the Dakota Territory Air Museum is a favorite for aviation enthusiasts from around the nation. Located in Minot North Dakota, the Dakota Territory Air Museum is a working museum with an astounding number of aircraft, both flying and non-flying, as well as restoration projects and promotions of regional air shows and activities.  There is a deep understanding at the Dakota Territory Air Museum that as our nation probes the depths of space travel, that the speed in which these changes have occurred and will occur makes it all the more important to remember when flying itself was daringly pushing the boundaries of our country's dreams and imagination. It is this memory that the Dakota Territory Air Museum strives to preserve.  In addition, the museum's goal is to provide our children and grand children with the understanding of what it was like during the different ages of flight, and while at the same time point them upward to the skies and help them dream of what is to come. The Dakota Territory Air Museum is on a mission to be a vital historical aviation resource that educates, inspires and entertains aviation enthusiasts of all ages.  So during your North Dakota vacation, come see us at the Dakota Air Museum, and let your spirit soar!

(Wimbledon, ND)

Wimbledon Community Museum | 701-435-2239

If you'd like to walk into the world of early North Dakota homestead days, then the Wimbledon Community Museum is exactly what you've been looking for.  Having four buildings that house cultural artifacts from Eastern North Dakota's early Homestead Era, the Wimbledon Community Museum provides its visitors with an incredibly unique experience through time.  The Midland Continental Depot building is a remarkable walk through history where you can literally hold a piece of railroad history in your hand as you stroll through the original depot and rail car.  The Little Schoolhouse gives visitors a truly authentic feel and flavor of what schooling was like in a classic one room schoolhouse. The Historic Methodist Church is home to a tremendous collection of historic artifacts which will assuredly bring back memories from the "good old days" and at the same time show visitors what life was like in a homesteader's farming community in Eastern North Dakota. The Wimbledon Community Museum's fourth building is known as The Machinery Building, which is home to antique fire trucks, tractors, and many other vehicles used by farmers during the early years of Eastern North Dakota History.  So come and experience what life was like during the homestead years....you will truly enjoy your walk through time at the Wimbledon Community Museum! 701-435-2239

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