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The Many Glacier Hiker's Shuttle comes to the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn (above) and Many Glacier Hotel.

We receive thousands of emails each year asking about shuttle services for one-way hikes.  This is a HUGE issue, especially for the hikes that begin on the west side of Glacier Park in the North Fork Area.  For example, the Boulder Pass Trail begins at Kintla Lake in the North Fork Area, and ends at Goat Haunt... and ultimately Waterton Village in Waterton Lake National Park.  How do hikers get back to their car parked at Kintla Lake?  As of 2018....

East Side Shuttle

The East Side Shuttle Service is provided by Glacier Park Inc.  There is a fee to utilize this service, and historically has been a lifesaver for many hikers.  However, recently the East Side Shuttle no longer provides rides from Waterton Village or Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead Parking Lot to St. Mary Visitor Center, making the trails ending at Goat Haunt/Waterton Village a logistical challenge.  The most useful aspect of this shuttle service is that it offers rides between Many Glacier and St. Mary, which allows hikers to access the NPS free shuttle at St. Mary.

Click Here For East Side Shuttle Price and Schedule

Many Glacier Hiker's Shuttle

The East Side Shuttle Service used to service the Many Glacier Area, where hikers were transported to and from the Many Glacier Area to St. Mary.  This service is no longer available (2017), however, thankfully Xantara is offering this service instead. This is a life-saver for hikers wishing to begin hikes in the Logan Pass Area (Piegan Pass Trail, Highline Trail) and wishing to end their hike back at Many Glacier.

Click Here For Many Glacier Hiker's Shuttle Prices and Schedule

NPS Free Shuttle:  Going To The Sun Road Shuttle Service

The National Park Service offers a free Glacier Park shuttle service between St. Mary Visitor Center (East) and Apgar Visitor Center (West) along the Going To The Sun Road.  This shuttle is very useful for those hikers enjoying the Gunsight Pass Trail as well as those folks who are taking some of the Going To The Sun Road day hikes such as the Siyeh Pass Trail and Highline Trail from Logan Pass down to The Loop.  This free shuttle is also useful for those needing to get from the east side to the west side of the park, and vice versa.  But keep in mind, this shuttle is strictly for the two entrances to the park (St. Mary and West Glacier), and what lies in between along the Going To The Sun Road.

Click Here For The Going To The Sun Road Shuttle Service (Free)

West Side Shuttle? We All Wish!

Nope. There is no west side shuttle service available for the North Fork Area such as hikes originating at Kintla Lake or Bowman Lake.  This inconvenient reality makes things quite challenging for everyone who begins their hikes in this area.  Unless you have a second car, you are forced to hitch-hike from Apgar back to Kintla Lake or Bowman Lake to get back to your car... if you can even get back to Apgar in the first place.

The Cold Hard Truth

For those hikers on the Northern Wilderness hikes such as the Boulder Pass Trail (starting at Kintla Lake), Bowman Lake Trail, Highline Trail (Logan Pass to Goat Haunt) and Stoney Indian Pass Trail ending at Goat Haunt, they will need a second car.  The only other option is to connect with hikers online (via Glacier Park Chat, etc.) who are hiking in the opposite direction, and swapping car keys along the way.  Of course the other option is to hitch hike from Waterton Village back to St. Mary, then take the free NPS shuttle to Apgar, and then hitch-hiking back up to the North Fork Area to retrieve your car.  But the hitchhike from Waterton Village to St. Mary is a tough one because there is the U.S./Canada Border Crossing. This makes many people a little leery about offering rides to strangers because of the ramifications if there are border crossing issues.


Going To The Sun Road Shuttle at Logan Pass in Glacier Park.

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