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Scenic Point Trail

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

The hike to Scenic Point in the Two Medicine Area of Glacier National Park offers terrific views all the way around!

The Scenic Point Trail in the Two Medicine Area of Glacier National Park is wonderful...If you're in good shape. The view from Scenic Point is spectacular and well worth the effort. 

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National ParkThe trailhead to Scenic Point  is located about a quarter of a mile east of the Two Medicine Store on the main highway.  There is a large gravelled parking area to your right (south) as you are heading away from the Two Medicine Area. The actual hike to Scenic Point is only 3.1 miles, but the vertical elevation gained is 2,350 feet.  Therefore, this is a fairly steep hike, so again, we recommend that you be in reasonably good physical condition if you want to attempt it.

Trailhead:  Mount Henry Trailhead, 1/4 mile east of the Two Medicine Store in the Two Medicine Area

Distance:  3.1 miles (one way)

Elevation Gain:  2,350 vertical feet

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National ParkThe Scenic Point Hike is a constant climb from nearly the beginning, so the best way to enjoy this hike is to take your time and rest whenever you need to.  It's not a long hike to Scenic Point, so you'll have plenty of time to get there and back.

As you climb in elevation, the views of the Two Medicine Area in Glacier National Park get better and better.  Very shortly, you'll begin to see Two Medicine Lake below you to the west, and as you climb, the lake gets further and further below you, and the view of the mountains surrounding Two Medicine Lake become more and more impressive.

Concerning the little off-shute trail that takes you to Appistoki Falls, we recommend that you don't need to take it because the view of the falls isn't that spectacular from that vantage point.

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National ParkNow listen carefully.  The actual Scenic Point is on the domed hill just to the right of you
once you get to the saddle.  The trail is very faint, but you know you're close because there are several huge piles of rocks along the trail indicating that you are close.  If you go past the third pile of rocks and begin walking on the level part of the trail that faces the eastern prairie, you've gone too far.

Again, once you get to the very top of the saddle on the trail to Scenic Point, look for some large piles of rocks on the left side.  The faint trail can be seen to your right, heading up the hill to your right.  If you lose the faint trail, just keep heading up until you reach the top of the hill.  There you will find a large cairn (stack of rocks) marking Scenic Point. See the above photo of the saddle and the piles of rocks so you'll know what you're looking for once you get there.

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National ParkOnce you get to the Scenic Point cairn, get your camera out because the view is spectacular!

To the east you'll see the endless prairie and the Sweet Grass Hills, which are over 100 miles away.

To the southwest you'll see the summit of Mount Henry. To the west you'll see the Two Medicine Valley, Two Medicine Lake, Dawson Pass, and the dozens of huge peaks that are in that beautiful region.  To the north looms the great Rising Wolf Mountain.

Scenic Point, Two Medicine, Glacier National ParkNow if you start on the trail to Scenic Point and you find that the hike is too much, that's just fine because the view is great along the majority of the trail, so you'll be able to enjoy the beauty no matter how far you get.

In fact, some of the views of the Two Medicine Valley are absolutely amazing half way up the trail!

The trail to Scenic Point in Glacier National Park is a great hike with a fantastic view, and we strongly recommend it IF you are in adequate physical condition.


Bring proper clothing!  The wind can really roar when you are on top of Scenic Point.  Also, the lighting is best in the morning, so try to get up there fairly early.

And one more thing, make sure you bring PLENTY OF WATER and snack with you.  This trail is quite steep, and your body will need both of these things!

Helpful E-Books

To help you maximize your enjoyment on your hike to Scenic Point in Glacier National Park, we wrote a helpful E-Book containing our "Ultimate Checklist" for what to bring on your hike.  To see all of our E-Books, including Our Suggested Itinerariesclick here.

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