Two Medicine Pass

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Two Medicine Pass

Includes Rockwell Falls, Cobalt Lake


Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park offers gorgeous views.

Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park a fantastic place to hike to in the Two Medicine Area because of the amazing views and interesting hiking.  However, it's quite a long hike and is fairly strenuous, so it's not for the average visitor.  We strongly recommend that you be in good physical condition before you attempt Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park.

Trailhead:  South Shore Trail, Two Medicine Lake parking lot.

Distance:  7.9 miles (one way)

Distance w/ Boat Ride: 4.9 miles (one way)

Elevation Gain:  2,350 vertical feet


Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park is actually a long, enjoyable ridge that provides exceptional views of the Two Medicine Area.

The Hike to Two Medicine Pass

The hike to Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park takes you between Sinopah Mountain and Painted Teepee Peak, which in itself is a beautiful hike.  You will pass by the popular Rockwell Falls, and then onto Cobalt Lake.  You will then begin a fairly steep ascent up a winding trail which finally takes you to the long ridge of Two Medicine Pass.  The views are great in all directions, and you will feel greatly rewarded for the effort you put forth to get there.

Rockwell Falls

Rockwell Falls is about 3.4 miles into your hike to Two Medicine Pass, and is in itself a popular destination for visitors.  Rockwell Falls are in different levels, and there is a trail just to the right of the closest falls that takes you up to see the upper falls.

During the early summer, Rockwell Falls are really roaring due to the tremendous amount of snow that is melting in the surrounding mountains.

This makes a nice day hike for those who are looking for an easy hike without much vertical elevation gain.  The trail to Two Medicine Pass begins to steepen beyond Rockwell Falls, and really gets steep once you pass Cobalt Lake.

Trailhead:  South Shore Trail, Two Medicine Lake parking lot.

Distance: 3.4 miles (one way)

Distance w/ Boat Ride: 0.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 375 vertical feet

Cobalt Lake

Cobalt Lake, Two Medicine Pass, Glacier National Park

This is a view of Cobalt Lake and Two Medicine Lake (far in the distance).  The peak to the right is Painted Teepee Peak, and the ridge to the left is part of Sinopah Mountain.  We are standing on Two Medicine Pass facing east.


This is Shannon enjoying Cobalt Lake along the Two Medicine Pass Trail.  There is a backcountry campground near this pristine mountain lake that is quite popular.

Once you reach the long ridge of Two Medicine Pass, we recommend that you walk all the way to the end (which is technically the actual Pass), which is just below Grizzly Mountain.  The Two Medicine Pass Trail then abruptly drops into the wild abyss of Park Creek and beyond.  The reason for walking the entire ridge is that the views contantly change the further south you get, and it is well worth the effort.

While standing on Two Medicine Pass, the most famous mountains that you'll see are Vigil Peak (which is the sharp spire to the northwest) and Mount Saint Nicholas to the west.  Other prominent peaks are Grizzly MountainMount RockwellStatuary MountainCaper Peak and Battlement Mountain, just to name a few.


Shannon standing on Two Medicine Pass, looking at Lake Isabel with Battlement Mountain (right), Vigil Peak (center).

Alpine Flowers

There's also a really nice bonus once you're on the ridge of Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park.  If it's the right season and your timing is right, there is a blanket of alpine flowers that covers the alpine meadows along the ridge.  It's really a treat for those lucky hikers!

Two Medicine Pass, Glacier National Park

During certain times of the summer, the alpine meadows on Two Medicine Pass in Glacier National Park are covered with amazing wildflowers.


Two Medicine Pass, Glacier National Park

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