Moose Junction

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Grand Teton Park

Moose Junction

Includes Craig Thomas Visitor Center, Dornan's Chuckwagon, Moose - Wilson Road


Bull moose sparring during the fall mating season near Moose Junction, Grand Teton National Park.


There are lots of moose hanging around the Moose Junction Area in Grand Teton National Park.

Moose Junction Area

The Moose Junction Area in Grand Teton National Park includes places of interest such as the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center, Dornan's Chuckwagon and the Moose-Wilson Road.  Moose Junction, which is the junction of highway 89 and the Teton Park Road, is located about 8 miles north of the South Park Boundary on highway 89, and it's definitely a place to take some time discovering and enjoying.

One the best things about the Moose Junction Area in Grand Teton National Park is the fact that there are a lot of moose in the area.  Keep an eye out for them because they really love the Moose Junction Area (thus the name MOOSE junction) and can show up anywhere along the road.

Dornan's Chuckwagon: a Grand Teton Tradition


A great meal with a great view!  It just doesn't get better than that!  Dornan's Chuckwagon has been in business since 1948, and it is a "must do" when vacationing in Grand Teton National Park.

We just have to mention this special place where you can enjoy a geniune chuckwagon meal cooked over a fire, all the while enjoying an incredible view of the Teton Mountain Range.  This family owned outdoor chuckwagon has been serving Grand Teton Park Visitors since 1948, and if you like real barbecued beef ribs, home-made mashed potatoes, stew, corn bread, and much more, all cooked over a fire, you have got to eat here (and it's all you can eat!).  They also serve a wonderful country breakfast that is also extremely tasty.

And the view while you eat is out of this world!  You'll be eating on lodgepole pine picnic tables on a nice lawn with the Tetons as the backdrop.  It's such a famous place to eat and such a tradition for tens of thousands of visitors, we just had to share this special place with you.

And by the way, near of river at Dornan's is a great place for watching and photographing moose.  They are often seen along the Snake River, near the bridge, and even in the sage brush flats during the fall mating season.  There are also a fair number of black bear roaming around.

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center


The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center is extremely informative, and very "fancy", and is a "must see" while vacationing in Grand Teton National Park.

The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Grand Teton National Park is more like an elaborate museum rather than a basic visitor center.  Beyond it's elaborate decor that includes huge bronze statues of animals and people, it's very educational and interesting, and it gives you a great overview of the Grand Teton National Park and it's amazing history.  There is also a very nice gift shop located in the building.

As you turn at the junction from highway 89 onto the Teton Park Road, toward the mountains, it's just beyond Dornan's on other side of the large bridge that crosses the Snake River.  You can't miss it.

Moose - Wilson Road


This is one of the numerous ponds found along the Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park.

The Boulder Pass Trail follows the north shore of Kintla Lake all the way to the Kintla Lake Campground (Head) in 6.3 miles.  The trail has a few hills to attempt to tire you out, but for the most part the trail is fairly level.  As you get closer to the campground, you will begin to see the monstrous Kinnerly Peak emerge to the southeast, across the lake.  This giant matterhorn is a icon of the remote Northern Wilderness of Glacier National Park, and you'll get to see this great peak for nearly the entire hike to the east side of Boulder Pass.


Black bears are commonly seen eating berries along the Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park during late summer and early fall.

Death Canyon Trailhead


The Moose-Wilson Road is also where you drive to reach the Death Canyon Trailhead, which we will talk about on another section of this website.  The turn off to the Death Canyon Trailhead is about 3 miles from the start of the Moose-Wilson Road, and if you keep going on the main road, in about two more miles you'll reach the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve which is also a great place to see wildlife.   This is a good spot to turn around if you want to head back to the Teton Park Road (the main highway), but If you want to keep going, that's fine too.  It eventually ends up at the Teton Village.


There is a really nice view of Grand Teton from the Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park.

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