Dickinson Museum Center

North Dakota


Dickinson Museum Center

The Dickinson Museum Center is a fascinating museum complex that includes the Dakota Dinosaur Museum, the Joachim Museum, the Pioneer Machinery Museum and the Prairie Outpost Park..and we feel that each of these fine facilities are very much worth your time to visit during your time in the Dickinson North Dakota Area.

Located in Dickinson North Dakota, just off Interstate 94, the Dickinson Museum Center is well worth your time if you like dinosaurs and pioneer history.  We always enjoy our time at the Dickinson Museum Center, and we think you will as well.

Joachim Regional Museum
The Joachim Museum includes history and art exhibits of the Dickinson Region.  Some of the permanent exhibits include an historic doll house and Western Art Gallery.  The Joachim Museum building is also home to the Osborn Research and Reading Room.


Pioneer church in the Prairie Outpost Park at the Dickinson Museum Center.

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Dinosaurs at the Dickinson Museum Center!

The Dickinson Museum Center is also home to a complete Triceratops skeleton, fossil specimens, and houses thousands of mineral and rock specimens.

Pioneer Machinery Building
The Pioneer Machinery Building in the Dickinson Museum Center highlights early agricultural and ranching artifacts and objects that were located in Stark County.

The Pioneer Machinery Building is also home to the Start County Historical Society. Some of the machinery include tractors, threshing machines, other mechanical farm equipment and horse-drawn farm equipment.

Dinosaur display at the Dickinson Museum Center.

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