We founded EnjoyYourIdaho.com in 2008 with two audiences in mind-  the vacationer and the advertiser.

Since 2008, millions of people from around the country (and the world) have visited EnjoyYourIdaho.com to help them plan their vacations, and in doing so they also discovered our advertisers' businesses.  Last year alone, our vacationers looked at our advertisements over 20 million times.  This huge targeted exposure is why over 95% of our advertisers stay with us year after year.

We Are Committed To Making You Money!
Here's Why Over 95% Of Our Advertisers Stay With Us:

1. No Advertising Competition

Exclusively advertise your business with NO COMPETITION in your area.

2. Over Twenty Million Advertisement Views In 2019

We make sure our visitors see your ads.  Our website provided 20+ million advertisement views for our advertisers in 2018. Your advertisement exposure will be huge.

3. Large Targeted Audience of Vacationers

Expose your business to hundreds of thousands of people planning their next vacation to your area.  We've been around since 2008, and we've created a huge presence on the Internet.  Tap into this large targeted audience and build more clients for your business.

4. Hundreds of Ad Locations On Our Website To Better Expose Your Business.

Your professionally designed advertising banners will be placed in hundreds of high traffic locations throughout our website.  Most other advertisement opportunities provide just ONE ad location.... for a whole lot more money.

5. Remarkably Low Price of $299 Per Year.  This includes Everything... Including 3 Professionally Designed Ad Banners, a 250 word Business Description, and your Ad Banners placed in hundreds of High Traffic Locations throughout the site linked directly to YOUR business.... Not to mention our live bookings from our Travel Planning Service!

For everything we just mentioned, as well as the fact that we will build your professional advertisement banners with no set-up fee or design charge, our price of $299 for the entire year is remarkably low.

20+ Million Advertisement Views In 2020

In 2020 our visitors saw our advertisers' banners over 20+ million times.

See screenshot below for July 2020 example:  


July 2020 Website Statistics:

57,496 Actual Visits
113,328 Page Views
(See Screenshot Below)


What about "Hits" to our website?

EnjoyYourParks.com receives OVER 1 MILLION "HITS" PER MONTH. Many websites use "hits" to describe their visitor traffic, which is absolutely not true and is terribly misleading. There is a tremendous difference between a "hit" and an actual visitor. We only talk about "true visitors" because that's all that matters to us and to our advertisers.

Your Advertising Spot Includes:

1. Your business will have no competition in your area.
2. Hundreds of large advertisement banners throughout our website that advertise YOUR business
3. Your business will also be featured on the "Our Favorite Businesses" page. Click Here for an example.
4. 250+ word business description included with your banner on the "Our Favorite Businesses" page.
5. Up to 500 links will be directed to your business throughout the website.
6. Your advertising banners will be professionally designed, and can be updated at any time at no charge.
7. No banner design fee or set-up fee. No charge for banner edits.
8. When a visitor asks for our recommendation, we will immediately refer them directly to your business.
9. We will promote your business through social media platforms.
10. Navigation buttons on every page will be directly linked to your business website.
11. Bookings from our Travel Planning Service at no additional charge and no booking fees!

Click Here For An Example of "Our Favorite Businesses" Page

Click Here For An Example of our Navigation Buttons and Rotating Ad Zones

Sample Ad Banners

(All 3 Sizes Found On Every Page)

475 x 200 pixels
475 x 200 pixels
175 x 300 pixels
175 x 300 pixels
850 x 130 pixels
850 x 130 pixels

Each banner is linked directly to your business website.



We help our website visitors plan their vacations to Idaho and surrounding areas, including Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  We have 40+ years hands-on experience and expertise in these areas, and we also have 30+ years experience in the travel industry.


Whether it be vacation rentals, guest ranches, bed & breakfasts, hotels/motels, campgrounds, RV parks, horseback rides, guided wildlife tours, guided fishing trips, guided whitewater rafting trips, RV rentals, car rentals, outdoor recreation rentals or any other service provided by our advertisers... we are committed to making you money!


And here's more good news: We won't ask for a booking fee!!!  Your low annual fee includes this exciting live travel planning service at no additional charge.

To visit our travel planning website, click the following link:

Advertisers don't spend money with EnjoyYourParks... 
They make money with EnjoyYourParks...
We are committed to making you money!!!

Here's What People Are Saying About EnjoyYourParks.com...


About EnjoyYourParks.com

Founded in 2008 by sixth generation Montanans, EnjoyYourIdaho (part of EnjoyYourParks.com) is one of the most visited vacation websites for Idaho.  In addition, We feature Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. Hundreds of thousands of visitors each year come to our extremely popular and informative website to plan their national park vacation.  This combination of the national parks and surrounding states has been a huge hit as many vacationers are wanting to explore these great states in addition to the national parks.

For more details about us, click here.

Tremendous Exposure

EnjoyYourIdaho.com (part of EnjoyYourParks.com) provides incredible exposure for business owners. Their advertisement banners received over 20 million advertisement views in 2020. And because of this amazing exposure, we had a 95% retention rate from our advertisers, which is remarkably high and virtually unheard of in the advertising world.

Large Targeted Audience

The vast majority of people visiting EnjoyYourIdaho (part of EnjoyYourParks.com) are Western state vacationers who are planning their next vacation to Idaho and surrounding area.  Well over a quarter of a million true visitors each year visit EnjoyYourIdaho (part of EnjoyYourParks.com), and most of these visitors are from the United States.  These website visitors are exactly who you want to see your ads over and over again, and who you want to become your new clients and customers.

What about "hits" to our website?  

EnjoyYourParks.com receives over a million "hits" per month.  Many websites use "hits" to describe their visitor traffic, which is absolutely not true and is terribly misleading.  There is a tremendous difference between a "hit" and an actual visitor. We only talk about "true visitors" because that's all that matters to us and to our advertisers.


Get Your Ad Spot Now Before Your Competition Beats You To It!


Only $299.00 per year (which is an equivalent of only $25/month)

Only $299.00 per year...for Regional Exclusivity and No Competition!
This includes bookings from our Live Travel Planning Service!
(Your business will be the ONLY area business in your business category.)
One Simple Step: Make Your One Time Payment For The Year.

Make a one time payment for the year using the Paypal button below for $299.00.
You may use a credit card, debit card or your Paypal account. (A Paypal account is not required.)

You may also write a check if you'd prefer. Call or email us for our mailing address.   

Click the following Paypal button to place your one time yearly payment for $299.00.
You may use a credit card, debit card or your Paypal account.  A Paypal account is not required.



Questions?  Email us at [email protected] 

What Next?  We Do The Rest!

Once we receive full payment, your advertising banners will be professionally designed and published within 10 business days.  You do not have to do a thing.  Images from your business website will be screenshot and used for for the design of your new banners. Once your banners are designed and approved, we will place them onto EnjoyYourParks.com.
If you'd prefer to design your own banners, please let us know and we'll email you the exact specifications.

We will also write your 250 word business description which will be placed below your 850 x 130 banner on the "Our Favorite Businesses" page.  Again, you don't have to do a thing.  Upon your approval, we will place it onto our website.
If you would prefer to write your own business description, please let us know and email it to us at your earliest convenience.

Thank You For Advertising With EnjoyYourIdaho.com!

We are committed to making you money!

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