Seminoe State Park


Seminoe State Park

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe State Park

Includes Seminoe To Alcova National Back Country Byway and the "Miracle Mile"

"Wyoming's Hidden Gem"

Seminoe State Park is regarded by many as one of the top treasures of the state of Wyoming. South of Casper and located 35 miles north of Sinclair, Wyoming off of road #351, visitors to Seminoe State Park enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, all the while being surrounded by the gorgeous Seminoe Mountains and crystal clear waters of Seminoe Reservoir.

There are four campgrounds with 61 campsites, a boat ramp, and many sandy beaches available throughout the 1,450 acre Seminoe State Park as it surrounds the north end of the 20,191 acre Seminoe Reservoir.  Fed by the North Platte River and Medicine Bow Rivers, and dammed by the Seminoe Dam, the Seminoe Reservoir is one of the best kept secrets in Wyoming, and is a water lover's paradise.

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe Reservoir in Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Incredible Fishing

The fishing in the Seminoe Reservoir is an extremely popular activity in this hidden Wyoming gem, as its crystal clear waters are home to a large population of walleye, rainbow trout, brown trout and cutthroat trout.

And because the Wyoming Game and Fish stock Seminoe Reservoir on an annual basis, there are always plenty of fish to enjoy catching.  And by the way, several state record walleye have come from Seminoe Reservoir.

Water Sports

Seminoe Reservoir is well known for its wide open, crystal clear water, and is an extremely popular destination for visitors who enjoy all types of water sports...including boating, water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing and swimming.  And as an added bonus, the 180 mile long shoreline of Seminoe Reservoir provides countless pockets of sandy coves and rocky outcrops, so there is also an endless supply of places for incredibly fun beach activities.

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Fascinating Wildlife

Fascinating wildlife can be found throughout Seminoe State Park, such as pronghorn, coyotes, raccoons, moose, elk mountain lions, bald eagles, mule deer and more.  And for an added bonus, near the north end of the Seminoe Reservoir rests the nearly 5,000 acre Morgan Creek Drainage inside the Seminoe Mountains.  This forested area is a winter range for elk and bighorn sheep, and therefore is a popular place for excellent wildlife viewing.

Dugway Recreation Site

Along the North Platte River, just south of Seminoe Reservoir about 7 miles north of Sinclair along County Road 351 (Seminoe-Alova National Back Country Byway) is the Dugway Recreation Site.  There are 5 campsites available (1 pull-thru, 4 spurs), as well as a group site, vault toilet and day use parking.  Each campsite has a picnic table and ring ring and grill.  This is a popular location for fishermen and women, and this stretch of river provides some very nice trout fishing opportunities.

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Dugway Recreation Site, Wyoming

Seminoe Sand Dune

There is an amazing Sand Dune found very close to Seminoe State Park on BLM land, which is extremely popular for motorcycle, four wheeler and dune buggy enthusiasts.

And the views of Seminoe Reservoir from the top of this massive dune is absolutely breathtaking.  The "Seminoe Sand Dune" offer abundant riding challenges, as well as easy sections for the novice.

Many of the riders take a break from riding the dunes by riding to the beach and jumping into the reservoir to cool off and enjoy the water.

The "Seminoe Sand Dune" is part of a very extensive sand dune field that stretches from western Wyoming all the way into Nebraska.  This sand dune complex is known as "The Killpecker Sand Dunes".

Seminoe Sand Dune, Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe Sand Dune, Seminoe State Park, Wyoming.

Sand Mountain Day Use Area

Sand Mountain Day Use Area has a large, sandy beach.

Ok-A-Beh Marina near the Yellowtail Dam on Bighorn Lake.

Sand Mountain Day Use Area provides two picnic shelters, bathrooms, and access to one of the largest beaches found along Seminoe Reservoir. This area is a very popular location for those who want a large, enjoyable sandy beach.  The Sand Mountain Day Use Area is right next to the Seminoe Sand Dune, and is therefore a popular place for Sand Dune enthusiasts to enjoy the water during their day on the dune.

Seminoe State Park Campgrounds

There are four designated campgrounds in Seminoe State Park of Wyoming, which include the North Red Hills Campground, South Red Hills Upper Level Campground, South Red Hills Lower Level Campground, Sunshine Beach Campground and the Sand Mountain Day Use Area.  There are 61 campsites in total, and all

North Red Hills Campground

There are 30 improved campsites located at the North Red Hills Campground of Seminoe State Park that have gravel pads, fire rings and picnic tables.  Nine of these sites can be reserved.

There is easy access to bathrooms and drinking water, and where the only dump station is located in the entire park. Very close by are boat launches, and the shoreline is somewhat steep and rocky.  There are a few shade trees, but most sites are in the open.

South Red Hills Campground (Upper Level and Lower Level)

Another fine campground in Seminoe State Park of Wyoming is the South Red Hills Campground.  There are 24 improved campsites that have gravel pads, as well as fire rings and picnic tables.  There are easily
accessed bathrooms as well as drinking water.  South Red Hills Campground is divided into the Upper Level and Lower Level.

The Upper Level provides outstanding views of Seminoe Reservoir, and is mainly the group campsite area, and the Lower Level provides a boat launch and play area.  The shoreline throughout is steep and covered in rocks.

Sunshine Beach Campground

Yet another popular campground in Seminoe State Park of Wyoming is the Sunshine Beach Campground, which is home to 30 improved campsites with gravel pads, picnic tables and fire rings. Eight of the campsites have shelters.  The shoreline is quite gentle, and has both sandy coves and rocky points. There is however NO drinking water available and NO boat ramps in the Sunshine Beach Camping Area.

Seminoe-Alcova National Back Country Byway

Seminoe To Alcova National Back Country Byway, WyomingThis 64 mile long road that is partially paved and partially graveled, runs between  the town of Sinclair on Interstate 80 and the town of Alcova on Wyoming State Highway 220.  This amazing road is located just west of Seminoe Reservoir, then follows the North Platte River to another reservoir to the north by the name of Pathfinder Reservoir.

This route was followed by gold miners on their way back from the California gold fields, as well as Buffalo Bill Cody.  This is indeed a very scenic road, especially as it winds through the Seminoe Mountains via the legendary "Miracle Mile" and the Miracle Mile Canyon.

The Legendary "Miracle Mile"

North of Seminoe Reservoir is another reservoir by the name of Pathfinder Reservoir, and between these two reservoirs flows the North Platte River through a  five mile stretch that is known as "The Miracle Mile" and is regarded as one of the best blue ribbon trout streams in Wyoming.

"The Miracle Mile" of the North Platte river has crystal clear water and is home to some "monster" trout, and is absolute fly fishing paradise. The bonus of this "Miracle Mile" (which this name was coined by the famous broadcaster Curt Gowdy), is that it runs through the Seminoe Mountains via Miracle Mile Canyon....which is incredibly scenic.  So if you like fly fishing for huge trout on blue ribbon water surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, you should definitely check out "The Miracle Mile".  

A portion of the legendary "Miracle Mile" along the North Platte River in Wyoming

A portion of the legendary "Miracle Mile" along the North Platte River in the Miracle Mile Canyon.

Important Note:
The Seminoe-Alcova Back Country is the road that takes visitors from Seminoe State Park northward into the Miracle Mile Canyon, and then onto Pathfinder Reservoir. 
The Seminoe-Alcova National Back Country Byway is not recommended for motor homes and vehicles with pull trailers. The section starting just north of Seminoe State Park that runs through the Seminoe Mountains toward the Miracle Mile is very steep.

Wyoming Map, Seminoe State Park
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