Gardiner Montana

Yellowstone Park

Gardiner Montana

(North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park)


Gardiner Montana 

Gardiner Montana

Roosevelt Arch, Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park

Gardiner is home to the world famous Roosevelt Arch.  Electric Peak towers over Gardiner to the west.

Gardiner, Montana is located at the North Entrance of Yellowstone Park, and is a national icon.  This small town is famous for it's resident elk herd that commonly uses the streets just as the locals do.  And Gardiner is also located along the path of the migrating elk, bighorn sheep and mule deer during the winter months, so you never know what you'll see wandering around the neighborhoods!

Gardiner is as much of a part of Yellowstone as the geysers, and it has been here since the beginning of the park in 1872.  It was the main entrance to Yellowstone, and it officially became a town in 1880.

Roosevelt Arch, Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park

Being the main entrance to the park, this historic town is home to the Roosevelt Arch, which proudly stands and welcomes visitors into Yellowstone National Park.  This world-renowned arch was dedicated in1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, where he stated that Yellowstone was created "For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People".  These ageless words are chiselled into the arch for posterity.
The new Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center, which contains much of the items that have historical significance with regard to the park, is also located in Gardiner.  So if you're into history, you should really check it out!
And the Yellowstone River runs right through the middle of Gardiner, and is a very popular place to start your white-water rafting adventures.  The best time to go is during the peak run-off in June.
Gardiner, Montana is a really fun place to shop, eat, and of course sleep in the many hotels and B&Bs available throughout the town.  We love this
famous little town, and we are confident you will too!
Elk, Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park
Elk walking down the main street of Gardiner, Montana.
Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park
Whitewater Rafters on the Yellowstone River near Gardiner, Montana
Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park
Downtown Gardiner, Montana.
Gardiner Montana
The Yellowstone River runs directly through Gardiner, Montana.
Gardiner Montana, Yellowstone National Park Map
Electric Peak towers above Gardiner, Montana.

Gateway to the Lamar Valley

Roosevelt is the gateway to the famous road through the Lamar Valley, which is sometimes referred to as "America's Serengeti".  This area is loaded with scenery and wildlife, all the way to Cooke City, Montana at the Northeast Entrance.  The only reason the Lamar Valley isn't one of the "top ten" is that it's not along the "Grand Loop".  However, if you've got the time, we strongly recommend that you drive up this acclaimed road.  To fit this in your schedule, check out our Lamar Valley for our itinerary suggestions.

Roosevelt Lodge

Roosevelt Lodge, Tower / Roosevelt Area, Yellowstone National ParkThis historic lodge in Yellowstone National Park was used by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, and ever since has been a favorite for those visitors who want to get a taste of the Great American West.  You can stay at one the the rustic cabins found near the lodge, and enjoy the restaurant and gift shop located in the lodge itself.

Stagecoach Rides and Cowboy Cookouts!

Roosevelt Lodge Stagecoach Ride, Yellowstone National Park

For those of you who want to experience the Great American West as it once was, we suggest that you take a stagecoach or ride a horse through Pleasant Valley to a genuine Outdoor Cowboy Cookout.  The food is incredible, as well as the entertainment and scenery.  If you want to be a cowboy for awhile, The Roosevelt Area in Yellowstone National Park is the place to do it!

Calcite Springs Overlook

Calcite Springs Overlook, Tower / Roosevelt Area, Yellowstone National ParkBetween Roosevelt and Tower, the road follows an extremely deep canyon along the Yellowstone River.  The walls of this canyon are composed of thousands of feet of volcanic basalt lava, and it makes for a great place to stop and take in the beauty.  The Calcite Springs Overlook is the best place to get a safe look at this incredible canyon.  Along the walls of this canyon, watch for bighorn sheep ewes and lambs, especially in the spring and early summer.  To avoid predators, the ewes actually give birth and raise these lambs on these cliffs!  There are also several Osprey nests found along these cliffs, so keep an eye out for them.

Tower Fall

This is an extremely famous water fall in Yellowstone National Park, and yes, it's name is "Tower Fall" and not "Tower Falls" which we find interesting.  These falls are gorgeous, and the basalt lava rock which is found throughout the area, is carved into tower-like shapes. Thus the name "Tower".  The trail to the falls is just to the east of the Tower Gift Shop, and it's well worth the short walk.

Tower Campground

This is a really pretty campground that you'll definitely enjoy if you end up camping here on your way through Yellowstone National Park.

Helpful E-Books

Because of the immense size of Yellowstone National Park, you'll still need a fair amount of time just to see the Top Ten, so make sure you check out our Informative E-Books which outline many Suggested Itineraries to help make your Yellowstone Park Vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Bighorn sheep ewe and lamb, Tower / Roosevelt Area, Yellowstone National Park
Along the steep canyon walls between Roosevelt and Tower in Yellowstone National Park are a large number of bighorn sheep
Black bear, Tower / Roosevelt Area, Yellowstone National Park

Tower - Roosevelt is a great place to experience a "Bear Jam!"

Tower Junction Map, Yellowstone National Park Map

Tower - Roosevelt Area 

Tower Junction Map, Yellowstone National Park Map
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