David and Shannon Biegel, Founders of EnjoyYourParks

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David and Shannon Biegel, Founders of EnjoyYourParks.com
David Biegel and Shannon Biegel are sixth generation Montanans who have spent their entire lives exploring Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  As children, their parents would vacation in these parks on a regular basis, and this is where their love for these incredible parks began.  Since then, they have hiked thousands of miles throughout these amazing parks, climbed well over a hundred summits, and have taken well over a million digital images along the way.

While spending time in Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton Park, they began to realize that a large number of visitors really didn’t know where to go to see the top attractions and hikes, so in the fall of 2008, David and Shannon Biegel decided to create a national park vacation website that showed visitors exactly where to go, what to do and where to see animals.  They named their website EnjoyYourParks.com, and have devoted all of their time and effort ever since perfecting and adding to this helpful website.

EnjoyYourParks.com has become one of the most utilized vacation websites for Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton National Park in the world, and the number of people utilizing this helpful website keeps increasing each and every day.  David and Shannon attribute their success to the fact that this is a “labor of love”.  They have a deep passion for showing visitors just how incredible these parks truly are, and by showing them where to go and what to do, these visitors will discover the “magic” of these parks, just as David and Shannon did many years ago with their parents, brothers and sisters.  They truly feel that when people discover the “magic” of these national treasures, this will in turn change their lives forever for the better.

Therefore, this website was created with extreme care, knowledge and experience, rather than something that was thrown together with regurgitated information off the internet by someone who has only spent 2 weeks in the parks, if that.  This care, knowledge and experience is reflected in every page of this 300+ page website, and the visitors of this website are rewarded by knowing exactly where to go, what to do and where to see animals in each of the three parks.

To give you an idea of how much effort and care is involved in building this website, even though they’ve already hiked all of the trails of Glacier National Park throughout the years, David and Shannon re-hiked all 734 miles of the maintained Glacier Park trail system, and photo-documented every step of the way using digital technology.  They also photo-documented many miles of un-maintained trails and seldom used “climber’s trails” during this immense project.  And while hiking all of these trails, they also managed to climb over 100 summits in Glacier National Park, and photographed Glacier Park from a “bird’s eye” view.  The result was that every single trail in Glacier Park, including all of the Glacier Park day hikes and multi-day hikes, are now available at EnjoyYourParks.com.

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And you will notice as you look through these pages on Glacier Park Hikes that the weather is always nice, with blue skies and good lighting.  That wasn’t just by accident or luck.  If David and Shannon had a cloudy day on either a trail or a summit, they would do it again on a clear day.  And they also determined how to get to certain key points along the trails at the right time of day for the best possible lighting.  This wasn’t easy, and it took many years to accomplish, but the result was very much worth the effort.  And keep in mind that this is just one example of the level of care that David and Shannon Biegel took to create one of the most utilized national park vacation websites in the world for Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton National Park.

So where do they go from here?  David and Shannon feel that they have just begun their pursuit of helping visitors discover these national treasures.  They are constantly adding more helpful pages, and as they are averaging well over 200 days a year in these parks, they are also continuing to photograph these parks in places and ways most people never have the opportunity to pursue.

And since they have spent many years exploring Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, which is located just north of Glacier National Park, and since Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park are so interconnected, David and Shannon have built an entire section on EnjoyYourParks.com devoted to Waterton Lakes National Park.

David Biegel is a semi-retired Doctor of Optometry, who along with Shannon is completely devoted to spending as much time in these parks as possible, and taking the rest of their time putting it all together on their website EnjoyYourParks.com.  Both David and Shannon have always had the strong desire to change people’s lives and to make a difference on this earth.  And they strongly feel that by sharing these parks with the world, and by helping people discover the “magic” that awaits them, they are helping change these people’s lives forever for the better.  This is how David and Shannon Biegel are making a difference, and once you visit their website, you’ll agree that their efforts are definitely achieving this goal.

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