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Island Park Idaho Area
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Henrys Fork Snake River, Island Park Idaho
                                       Island Park Idaho... Henry's Fork of the Snake River.                 

Island Park Idaho Area
Island Park Idaho
Island Park Idaho is only 15 miles from the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and is a very popular place for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors in and around the Yellowstone Park area.  

The town of Island Park is only about 500 feet wide but is 33 miles long!  Their claim to fame is that they have the "Longest Main Street in America!", as well as some of the best outdoor recreation in the country. 

There are a good number of motels, lodges, campgrounds and vacation rentals throughout the Island Park Area to accommodate all the visitors who come to enjoy the area during their vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

Island Park is a wonderful area to explore, and is conveniently located only 15 miles from the west entrance to Yellowstone Park and the town of West Yellowstone Montana.  Top attractions in the Island Park Area include Big Springs, Henry's Lake, Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Mesa Falls, Henry's Lake State Park and Harriman State Park.

Fly Fisherman, Island Park Idaho, Yellowstone National ParkTrout Fishing!
One of the most popular activities in and around Island Park Idaho is trout fishing.  

Henry's Fork of the Snake River runs right through the town, and is a world famous blue ribbon trout stream.  

And just northwest of Island Park is Henry's Lake, which is teeming with trout.  To help you learn how to fish these amazing waters, there are several fishing guides and lodges in the Island Park area.

We've done a lot of fishing here and have enjoyed it tremendously.  Henry's Lake has a variety of trout, including cutthroat trout and rainbow trout.  And there is also a hybrid trout that is a cross between a cutthroat and a rainbow that are a blast to catch!  Henry's Lake is a wonderful lake that is really fun to fish on.


Island Park Google Map Location

Island Park Area Map
Island Park Area Map

Water Sports
Henrys Fork of the Snake River, Island Park Idaho, Yellowstone National Park
Floating the Henry's Fork of the Snake River at Island Park Idaho is an extremely popular activity during the summer months for Yellowstone National Park vacationers.

Henrys Fork of the Snake River, Island Park Idaho, Yellowstone National ParkHenry's Fork of the Snake River, which runs directly through Island Park Idaho, is one of the best and relaxing river floats we've ever been on.  

You can rent rafts and canoes from various businesses throughout Island Park Idaho, and float one of the prettiest rivers in the west!  

The most popular float begins near Big Springs, and ends up at the big bridge along the main highway.

Henry's Lake, which is located just a few miles northwest of Island Park Idaho is a great place to go boating, wave running, and all the other fun things you can do on a beautiful mountain lake....

Henry's Lake
Henrys Lake, Island Park Idaho
Henry's Lake near Island Park, Idaho.

Henry's Lake is located just northwest of Island Park Idaho, and is known for its fantastic fishing opportunities.  At eight square miles in total area, and only four miles long and two miles wide, Henry's
Lake is is home to various trout species, including a cutthroat-rainbow 
hybrid (known as a "cut-bow" that is extremely popular with the Henry' Lake fishing enthusiasts.  There are several resorts, marinas and
Henrys Lake State Park, Idahocampgrounds located around the lake, including Henry's Lake State Park which is found on the south end
of the lake.

And not only is Henry's Lake a popular place for fishing, but it also the headwaters of the fable Henry's Fork of the Snake River, which is one of the top blue ribbon trout streams in America.  

Interesting to note is that Henry's Lake rests less than 10 miles from the headwaters of the Missouri River, which is located over the Continental Divide in Southwestern Montana.

Henry's Lake State Park
Located along the south shore of Henry's Lake is Henry's Lake State Park.  This 585 acre Idaho State Park is open the Thursday before Memorial Day through the second Saturday in October.  There are 83 campsites that are serviced, as well as 3 cabins and 3 designated ADA campsites.  The campground provides showers, flush toilets, a fish cleaning station and a dump station.   There is a very nice boat ramp and boat dock located at the Henry's Lake State Park campground that is well suited for Henry's Lake boating enthusiasts.

Big Springs
Big Spring Idaho
Visitors looking at large rainbow trout below the bridge at Big Springs.

A popular attraction in the Island Park Area is Big Springs, which is a large spring that produces over 120 million gallons of water each and every day.  Due to this incredible volume of water, Big Springs in Idaho is
Large rainbow trout at Big Springs near Island Park Idahoregarded as a "first-magnitude" spring.  The Big Springs Area is a "National Natural Landmark, and is the primary source of water for the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.  

In a very short distance, the Big Springs creates a river that is 150 feet wide!  At a constant 52 degrees (f), Big Springs is among the top 40 springs by volume in the world.  

And one of the hottest attractions at Big Springs is the large rainbow trout that hang out below the bridge. These trout are safe from fishermen for 5 miles downstream, starting at the springs.

Johnny Sack Cabin
Next to Big Springs is the historic Johnny Sack Cabin, which was built in 1929. Because of this cabins scenic location, and due to its close bu water-wheel, the Johnny Sack Cabin is one of the most
Johnny Sack Cabin, Big Springs near Island Park Idahophotographed spots in Island Park.  Open to the public from mid-June through mid-September, the 
Johnny Sack Cabin is visited by thousands of visitors each summer.  

Johnny took tremendous pride in his work, and much of the original furniture within the cabin is still there...including a double bed that was made of 96 wood pieces that were nailed and glued together, and a ceiling lamp that contains 72 individual handcrafted pieces of wood.  

The cabin took about three years to build, and much of it was built with hand tools such as saws, scrapers, draw knives and planers.  Johnny used a nearby water wheel that he built to create electricity. The Johnny Sack Cabin is part of the National Register of Historic Places, and is really a fascinating cabin to visit during your time in the Island Park Area.

Big Springs, Island Park Idaho
Visitors enjoying Big Springs at Island Park.

Additional Attractions
Also in the Island Park Area of Idaho is the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, which is home to some of the most scenic falls in the West, as well as the Harriman State Park.  To learn all the details on these amazing attractions in the Island Park Area, please click here.

Winter Season: Snowmobiling Heaven!
Snowmobiling in Island Park Idaho, Yellowstone National Park
Island Park Idaho near Yellowstone National Park gets about 9 feet of snow each winter, which makes this area one of the leading snowmobile destinations in the country.             

Island Park Idaho gets about 9 feet of snow each winter, which makes this area an absolute winter wonderland. There are about 500 miles of groomed trails, and endless off-trail powder you and your family can enjoy. And when you combine these 500 miles of groomed trails with West Yellowstone's 1,000 miles of groomed trails, now that's called "Snowmobile Heaven".  And what's so great about this trail system is that West Yellowstone Montana and Island Park are hooked together by trails, making it the best snowmobiling on earth.


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