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Our Favorite Yellowstone Park Area Wildlife Tour Guides

Let these outstanding Yellowstone Park Area businesses help make your Yellowstone Park vacation fantastic!

(Twin Falls, Idaho)

Big Green Adventure Tours | 208-735-2268

The Twin Falls, Idaho area offers many incredible attractions to see and explore, and Big Green Adventure Tours is here to provide fun, exciting and informative tours that will create memories that last a lifetime. Our professional guides will take you to the most incredible and fascinating attractions in and around Twin Falls. It's our absolute pleasure to show you a side of these world-class attractions that most people never get to experience, and it will dramatically enhance your interest and enjoyment of these iconic places.  Known as "The Niagara of the West", the breathtaking Shoshone Falls is an absolute must see, and our guides will not only take you to vistas that few people know about, but you can also take a guided 1.7 mile hike around the amazing Dierkes Lake that sits next to these remarkable falls. Our Downtown Twin Falls Tour will show you the fascinating history and unique culture of this amazing place, and of course the Snake River Canyon and I.B. Perrine Memorial Bridge is as breathtaking as it gets.  Our "Let's Go To The Moon!" Tour of the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is an adventure you will never forget and is truly an experience of a lifetime.  This massive ancient lava flow creates a moonscape so "out of this world" that the Apollo astronauts used this rugged terrain to get ready for their historic 1969 moon landing!  Another popular tour is our "Fire and Ice" Tour, where your interpretive guide will take you into the largest Lava Ice Cave in the world.  A National Historic Site is a geologic natural wonder that was formed by hot molten lava and then frozen in ice. And for the wine enthusiasts, we offer our "Scenic Adventure & Wine Tasting Tour, where we take you along the 1000 Springs Scenic Byway, where you will be astounded by its beauty and numerous scenic attractions.  The finale of this fun and scenic tour is a wonderful wine tasting experience at the famous Holesinsky Vineyard & Winery.  So if you want to not only see these amazing attractions in and around Twin Falls, Idaho, but you want to actually  EXPERIENCE these world-class attractions, give us a call at 208-735-2268 or click on the link below.  As we always say at Big Green Adventure Tours, "Don't Just See It...TOUR IT!"

(Silver Gate,Cooke City, MT)

Lamar Valley Touring | 406-321-3167

Lamar Valley Touring provides Year Round Wildlife Watching, Wolf Focused Tours, Photography Tours and Guided Hikes with Local Professionals in Yellowstone National Park’s famous Lamar Valley. Lamar Valley, known as “America’s Serengeti” is the most famous wildlife viewing area in North America. World renown for its remarkable Wolf and Grizzly Bear activity, a host of species including the iconic American Bison, Pronghorn and a diverse variety of Birdlife also call Lamar Valley home. Located one mile outside of the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone, Lamar Valley Touring is the closest tour company to Lamar Valley. Offering year round experiences including Private Full Day Wildlife Watching, Wolf Watching, Photography, Sunrise and Sunset Tours, Guided Hikes, Snowshoeing and Multi Day Custom Tours. Founder and naturalist Audra Conklin Taylor is a wildlife advocate and educator, focused primarily on animals but also teaching “all things Yellowstone”. She is a graduate of the International Guide Academy, and is Wilderness First Aid and Leave No Trace Certified. Audra has led trips for people from all over the world, from ages 2-92, and takes pride in practicing the highest standards of environmental ethics while touring. She loves her work and states, “Every person should visit Yellowstone at least once in their lifetime and it’s my heartfelt joy when I can be a part of their experience.” Please contact Audra at 406.321.3167, email [email protected], or simply click on the link below to plan an adventure of a lifetime in Yellowstone National Park!

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