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Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

he Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park has a terrific grand room is remarkably spacious and "cozy" at the same time.

Glacier National Park has three iconic, world famous lodges, and each has its own unique look and feel.  Many Glacier HotelLake McDonald Lodge and Glacier Park Lodge are all National Historic Landmarks, and they all are tremendous national treasures that you really need to see with your own eyes.

Lake McDonald Lodge

Built in 1895 as a hunting lodge, the Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park is nestled along the shore of Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier Park.  The landscape and plant life surrounding the Lake McDonald Lodge is vastly different from the Many Glacier Area because it's located on the west side of the continental divide.  There are so many trees and bushes that you don't have the huge vistas that Many Glacier offers, but these abundance of trees has it's own incredible beauty.

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Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

These stairs leading from the Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park take you directly to the shore of Lake McDonald.

The historic Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park has an extremely cozy and warm feeling to it, and the use of cedars as the main building material makes for beautiful surroundings in the main lobby.  The fireplace is wonderful, and it's where the famous Montana cowboy artist Charles M. Russell used to tell cowboy stories to some very lucky Glacier Park visitors.

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

The fireplace at Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park is very inviting.  This is where Charles M. Russell, the world famous cowboy artist, would tell stories to extremely lucky visitors.

One Word: Relaxing

One of the many words that describe this lodge is "relaxing",  and maybe it's because of the fact that since there is not a lot of great hiking in the Lake McDonald Area, the visitors can calm down a little and simply enjoy the lodge.  We call it the "thank goodness lodge" because it's a great place to rest without feeling guilty that you're not on a hiking trail.

Lake McDonald Boat Tours

Lake McDonald Boat Tour, Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

The historic wooden boat "DeSmet" will take you on the ever-popular Lake McDonald Boat Tour in Glacier National Park

One of the main attractions of Lake McDonald Lodge, besides the lodge itself, is the historic wooden boat tours of Lake McDonald.  The dock is right in front of the Lake McDonald Lodge, and it is definitely worth considering, especially in the morning and evening when the lighting is best.

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National ParkThe Lake McDonald Lodge is ideally located because it's only 10 miles from Apgar Village, and is at the beginning of the tremendous climb up the west side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, as well as being the starting point for those staying a night at the Sperry Chalet.  Of course another popular trail just about 6 miles west of the Lake McDonald Lodge is the Trail of the Cedars, which we highly recommend visiting.  

Another good hike whose trailhead is right at the Lake McDonald Lodge parking lot is the trail to the Mount Brown Lookout. Click this link for all the details.

Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

The boat dock and this great beach is directly in front of the Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park.

Apgar Village

Ten miles down the road (west) from Lake McDonald Lodge, at the west end of Lake McDonald, is Apgar Village.  This is the "hub" of the Lake McDonald Area, having a visitor center, large campground, hotel accommodations, grocery store, restaurant, ranger station, boat dock and a great beach with reasonably warm water for swimming.

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Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald Lodge is truly a "must see" while exploring Glacier Park.

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