Glacier National Park Multi-Day Hikes

Glacier Park

Glacier Park Multi-Day Hikes

Includes Every Multi-Day Hike in Glacier Park

Thunderbird Mountain as viewed from the Boulder Pass Overlook, Bouldeer Pass Trail, Glacier National Park

Thunderbird Mountain as viewed from the Boulder Pass Overlook, Glacier National Park.

Glacier Park Multi-Day Hikes

We've hiked every trail in Glacier National Park, most of them more than once, and many of them dozens of times.  Below is a list of every multi-day hike available in Glacier National Park, including our five favorites. We've also included some extended multi-day hikes that combine some of these popular multi-day hikes together....



Our Five Favorite Glacier Park Multi-Day Hikes:

Shuttle Services

If you are hiking from Kintla Lake or Bowman Lake to Goat Haunt, there are no shuttle services provided on the west side of the park. Therefore, make sure you arrange for a car to be at the trailhead, and a car to be at Waterton Township.  If your "pick-up" car is located at Many Glacier or St. Mary, you can arrange for the East Side Shuttle to pick you up at Waterton Township and take you to St. Mary.  You can also get on Glacier Chat and find out who's hiking on the same trail the other way.  You can exchange keys along the trail.

Many Glacier Hikers Shuttle
Xanterra provides a Many Glacier Hiker's Shuttle for a fee.

The East Side Shuttle Service  no longer (2017) provides transportation between Waterton Township and East Glacier Montana.  In the past, if you were hiking the Stoney Indian Pass Trail, you could park your car at the trailhead (Chief Mountain Customs), and arrange for the East Side Shuttle to pick you up at Waterton Township and take you back to your car at Chief Mountain Customs Trailhead.  This option no longer exists as of 2017.

The NPS provides a free shuttle service along the Going To The Sun Road between St. Mary Visitor Center and Apgar Visitor Center.  This shuttle service is helpful, for example, for those of you hiking the Gunsight Pass Trail.  Leave your car at Lake McDonald Lodge, and take the NPS shuttle to the Jackson Glacier Overlook on the Sun Road, and begin your hike there.

Additional Popular Glacier Park Multi-Day Hikes:

Logan Pass to Goat Haunt 
Highline Trail / Northern Highline Trail / Fifty Mountain / Waterton Valley


Cut Bank Trailhead to Red Eagle Lake Trailhead
via Triple Divide Pass

Cut Bank Trailhead to Two Medicine Area
via Pitamakan Pass

Two Medicine to Red Eagle Lake Trailhead
Via Pitamakan Pass and Triple Divide Pass


Belly River Valley
Elizabeth Lake, Helen Lake

Poia Lake - Ptarmigan Tunnel
via Red Gap Pass

Nyack - Coal Creek Loop
Starting at Nyack Crossing

Slide Lake - Belly River Valley
via Gable Pass


More Multi-Day Hikes:

Quartz Lakes Loop
Bowman Lake Area

Camas Creek Trail (Trout Lake, Arrow Lake, Camas Lake, Lake Evangeline)
Lake McDonald Lodge Area

Dawson - Pitamakan Pass Loop (Multi-Day Option)
Two Medicine Area

Ole Creek Trail
Lubec Trailhead to Firebrand Pass, ending at Walton Ranger Station

Park Creek Trail
Two Medicine Lake to Walton Ranger Station, Via Cobalt Lake and Two Medicine Pass
Includes Lake Isabel

Harrison Lake
South Section of Glacier Park, U.S. Highway 2

Cracker Lake
Many Glacier Area

Snyder Lake
Lake McDonald Lodge Area

Logging Lake - Grace Lake
Inside North Fork Road (Glacier Route 7)

Akokala Lake
Bowman Lake Area

Otokomi Lake
Rising Sun Area

Old Man Lake
Two Medicine Area

No Name Lake
Two Medicine Area

Upper Two Medicine Lake
Two Medicine Area

Extended Multi-Day Hikes in Glacier National Park:

The Great Northern Traverse

Kintla Lake to Goat Haunt (via Boulder Pass Trail), then...
Goat Haunt to Chief Mountain Customs (via Stoney Indian Pass TrailBelly River Trail)

The North Circle

In the following order....
Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail (Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot at Many Glacier)
Belly River Valley (Elizabeth Lake (Foot) Campground)
Stoney Indian Pass Trail (Mokowanis River Valley, Stoney Indian Pass)
Waterton Valley (Kootenai Lakes)
Northern Highline Trail (Fifty Mountain)
Granite Park Campground (Near Granite Park Chalet)
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail (Swiftcurrent Pass, Many Glacier Valley)
Many Glacier Area (Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot at Many Glacier)

Backcountry Permits

All overnight backpacking in Glacier National Park requires a backcountry permit.  Make sure to book your reservations early with the NPS to ensure you get the hike that you want.  For more information on backcountry permits, click here.

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