St Mary Falls – Virginia Falls

Glacier National Park

Glacier Park

Saint Mary Falls & Virginia Falls


Virginia Falls in Glacier National Park is the final falls on your St. Mary Falls-Virginia Falls hike, and it is the highlight of this trail.  It's absolutely worth the effort to see Virginia Falls!

If you like waterfalls, then the St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls Trail is definitely for you!
There is actually a series of 5 waterfalls and gorges as you hike from St. Mary Falls towards Virginia Falls.  The entire walk is beautiful, and everytime we've taken this walk we were very glad we did.

It's a gently sloped 1.8 mile walk,  and is worth every step!  The trailhead, which is marked as "St. Mary Falls", is located about 10.5 miles west of St. Mary on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  It's just beyond the Sunrift Gorge when you're heading west toward Logan Pass.

Trailhead:  St. Mary Falls Turnout along the east side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road (0.3 miles west of Sunrift Gorge)

Distance:  1.8 Miles to Virginia Falls (one way)

The first part of the St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls Trail gradually drops about 260 vertical feet, but it's really not a problem for most visitors.


The water is an amazing aqua-marine color due to the glaciation occurring in the surrounding mountains.  This makes your St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls hike in Glacier National Park even more magical!

On the St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls Trail, you will first encounter the beautiful St. Mary Falls, which is only 1.2 miles from the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  There is a really fun bridge that crosses the stream just below the falls. As you continue on to Virginia Falls, there are several more unique and beautiful water falls along the way, and the scenery is gorgeous.  Little Chief and Dusty Star Mountains loom overhead as you walk this wonderful trail.


The St. Mary Falls & Virginia Falls Trail in Glacier National Park is a "Must Do" for anyone who likes beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear streams, and fascinating gorges.  This is really a great hike!

Once you get near Virginia Falls, there is a well marked fork in the trail.  The fork that goes left takes you to a bridge where you can look up at the falls, and the other fork (right) takes you directly underneath the falls.

We strongly recommend that you first take the right fork and go up to the base of Virginia Falls.

Virginia Falls is really breathtaking!  After you've taken a bunch of photos and had a snack, then head back to the fork in the trail and walk a few hundred yards to the bridge. This is a wonderful, easy walk that you and your family will truly enjoy.

Aside from the beautiful waterfalls, seeing the aquamarine color of the glacial water also makes this hike well worth it.  This water is pouring off the mountains above and is emptying into St. Mary Lake.  This Glacier National Park hike is always a pleasure, and you and your entire family will love it!

These waterfalls and gorges are breathtaking, but they can also be very dangerous.  Pay attention to where you are walking, and make sure to hold your children's hands when you are near a ledge!


St. Mary Falls is the first waterfall you'll see on your St. Mary Falls - Virginia Falls hike.  This is really a great hike, and it conveniently starts right on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

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