Top 10 Things To Do In Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park

Top Ten Things To Do In Yellowstone


Visitors Enjoying Old Faithful Geyser

The following "Top 10 Things To Do In Yellowstone Park" are listed in order of where they are located along the "Grand Loop" roadway, starting at Mammoth Hot Springs and going clockwise around the park... (See Grand Loop Map Below)

Top Ten Things To Do In Yellowstone National Park:

(In clockwise order around Grand Loop)

Mammoth Hot Springs
Tower Fall / Roosevelt Area
Lamar Valley
Mount Washburn Area
Canyon Area 
Hayden Valley  
Yellowstone Lake Area
West Thumb Geyser Basin
Old Faithful Area
Geyser Row
Madison Area
Norris Area

Just because something doesn't make the "Top Ten" list, doesn't mean that it's not incredible.  We simply had to pick what we felt were the ten things everyone should do while on their first trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Click Here for "All About Yellowstone Park", which includes things to do, places of interest, campgrounds, lodges, weather, and much more.

Additional Places to see in Yellowstone Park
Yellowstone Park is HUGE, and there is an infinite number of unbelievable things to do here.  Click Here to learn about all the incredible places to see and explore.

Grizzly bear on Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone Park is enormous, and even if you spent a lifetime exploring it, you'd still never see it all.  Fortunately, however, the Top Things To Do In Yellowstone Park are along a well designed park roadway known as "The Grand Loop".  This brilliant road system connects you to all of the most popular and famous sights in Yellowstone National Park so you and your family can really enjoy the park in a fairly short period of time.


The Grand Loop, Yellowstone National Park.

Please keep in mind that the order of our "Top Ten Things To Do In Yellowstone National Park" is NOT in order of our most favorite to least favorite attraction. Instead, the order is simply a clockwise route starting at Mammoth Hot Springs and following the Grand Loop all the way around., eventually leading back to Mammoth Hot Springs.  So please keep this in mind as you click through Yellowstone Park's Top Ten Things To Do.


Gray Wolf on the shore of North Twin Lake, Yellowstone National Park.

Black bear cubs' first day out of the den in Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Prismatic SpringMidway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.

Nursing grizzly cubs on Dunraven Pass, Yellowstone National Park.

River Otter with Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Yellowstone National Park.


Buffalo (Bison) cow and calf, Yellowstone National Park.

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