Big Sky, Montana


Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Resort, Montana

Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Resort MontanaBig Sky Montana provides unquestionably some of the best skiing in the U.S.  Big Sky Resort has the largest skiing acreage and vertical drop in America, being over 5,800 acres in size with a vertical drop of 4,350 feet. We've enjoyed great skiing throughout the country, and there are incredible resorts throughout the Rockies, but we strongly feel that Big Sky Resort provides some of the most outstanding skiing we've ever experienced.

In addition to phenomenal skiing, Big Sky Montana offers the entire "package", including first-class lodging, restaurants, shopping, golfing, Nordic skiing, dog sledding, zip lining, snow shoeing, sleigh rides, hiking and more.

And did we mention the scenery?  In all directions, no matter where you look, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!

Big Sky Resort Montana

Big Sky Resort Mountain Village.

"Biggest Skiing In The United States"

At 4,350 feet, Big Sky Resort has the largest vertical drop in America, and has over 5,800 acres of amazing downhill skiing opportunities, making it literally the "Biggest Skiing in America". And to top it all off, there is a tram that takes you to the summit of Lone Mountain!  And did we mention the longest of the 300 named runs is 6 miles long?

Below are just some of Big Sky Resort's amazing statistics:
> vertical drop: 4,350 feet
> summit of Lone Mountain:  11,166 feet
> base (Mountain Village): 7,500 feet
> base (Lone Moose and Six-Shooter: 6,800 feet
> 5,800 acres of ski terrain
> 300 names runs on 4 connected mountains
> 22 chair lifts
> 8 surface lifts
> longest run: 6 miles (Liberty Bowl to Mountain Mall)
> number of terrain parks: 7
> nationally recognized for its very short or non-existent lift lines
> average daytime temperature: 25 F
> average annual snowfall: 400+ inches
> lift capacity: 29,000 skiers per hour

Big Sky Resort, Montana

Skiers eager to conquer Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort in Montana.

The Tram at Big Sky Resort

The Tram at Big Sky Resort Montana

The Tram at Big Sky Resort takes skiers to the summit of Lone Mountain!

Big Sky Resort MontanaBig Sky Resort ski area connects 4 mountains by chair lifts, which offers a seemingly limitless variety of skiing experience with its 5,800 acres of "endless" terrain.

No matter if you're a beginning skier or a seasoned veteran, you will find a plethora of perfect runs to match your skill level... and if you desire super steep advanced runs, the Tram at Big Sky Resort will take you up to the "steeps".

And if you like "powder", you've come to the right place. The average temperature, the tremendous amount of snowfall, and being at the perfect elevation all contributes to making what we call "cold smoke", which is the lightest snow powder you'll ever experience.

Big Sky Resort Montana

Lines are typically very short or nonexistent at Big Sky Resort in Montana.

Big Sky Resort Montana

There are 22 chair lifts at Big Sky Resort that can handle 29,000 skiers per hour.

Chet Huntley: The Founder of Big Sky Montana

What you see surrounding Lone Peak was originally the dream of Chet Huntley, Big Sky Resort's founding father. Born in the tiny town of Cardwell, Montana and the graduate of Whitehall High School in Whitehall, and Montana State College in Bozeman, this small town Montana boy became the world renowned co-anchorman of NBC Nightly News with David Brinkley, beginning in the mid 1950's.

During the peak of his career with NBC, he was better known than John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, the Beatles and Cary Grant.  His last broadcast for NBC was aired on July 31st, 1970, where he then returned to Montana. This is when Huntley came up with the idea of "Big Sky Montana", and began to build it.

Big Sky Resort opened in December of 1973, and the rest is history.  The Huntley Lodge is one of the original and most iconic lodges on the mountain, and keeps this remarkable man's name alive, as well as his vision of "Big Sky Montana". Located at the base of Lone Mountain in the heart of the Big Sky Mountain Village, the Huntley Lodge still remains one of the most popular lodges on the mountain.

Chet Huntley died in March 1974 of lung cancer at his home in Big Sky at the age of 62.  He died three days before the opening ceremonies for Big Sky Resort, but was honored on the grounds of Big Sky with a cenotaph at Soldiers Chapel, and is buried in Bozeman, Montana.

Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort, Montana

Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort Mountain Village.

Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort Mountain Village.
Grizzly bear bronze, Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort Montana
Huntley Lodge, Big Sky Resort

Huntley Lodge rests in the heart of the Mountain Village at Big Sky.

Two Resorts Combined Into One

Skiers riding a chair lift at Big Sky Resort MontanaIn October of 2013, Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin Resort (which is located just to the west of the original Big Sky Resort, merged and are now both owned and managed by Big Sky Resort.

Both of these resorts are ski and golf resorts, and with this merge, the Big Sky Resort can now rightfully boast that it indeed provides "The Biggest Skiing in America", covering over 5,800 acres of outstanding downhill skiing.

And once you discover this incredible mountain resort, you will be amazed at the vastness of this area.

Big Sky Resort Montana, Eastern Exposure Trail Map

Big Sky Resort, Eastern Exposure Trail Map.
(Courtesy Big Sky Resort)

Big Sky Resort, Northern Exposure Trail Map

Big Sky Resort, Northern Exposure Trail Map.
(Courtesy Big Sky Resort)

The Canyon, The Meadow, and The Mountain

Big Sky Resort MontanaThere are basically 3 main areas in the Big Sky Area, which are "The Canyon", "The Meadow" and "The Mountain".

"The Canyon" is located along U.S. Highway 191, and is where the original town of Big Sky is located. You will be able to see the magnificent Lone Peak from this location a fair distance to the west.

"The Meadow" is located midway towards Lone Peak, and is where an outstanding shopping/restaurant complex called "The Big Sky Town Center" is located.  There is also a fantastic golf course located here as well as lodging, a movie theater, performing arts center and a top-notch ice hockey rink.

Throughout the summer there are many festivals, concerts, workshops and a fantastic farmers market.  The Big Sky Resort Public Golf Course is world-class, and there are also some private courses and very exclusive private clubs found throughout the area.  The Meadow is also where the annual Pro Bull Riders event is held.  Known as the "Big Sky PBR", this popular event was chosen as the Touring Pro Division's "Event of the Year" for 2013 and 2014.

"The Mountain" is the area directly surrounding Lone Peak, and is where the downhill skiing is located.  At the base of this magnificent mountain, also known as "The Village", you'll find world-class lodging, bars, restaurants, shopping, zip lines, Nordic skiing, sleigh rides, dog sledding, hiking trails, snow shoeing, private clubs and much, much more.

Skiers enjoying the day at Big Sky Montana

Skiers enjoying the day at Big Sky Montana.

Big Sky Resort: A Resort For All Seasons

Big Sky Resort Public Golf Course

Golfers enjoying the Big Sky Resort Public Golf Course located in "The Meadows".

More Than Skiing...

Big Sky Montana is the "whole package", providing its guests with world class lodging, restaurants, shopping, golfing and much, much more.  There are also hiking trails that connect hikers to the vast national forest that surrounds the area during the spring, summer and fall seasons.  There are also many festivals and concerts throughout the year, as well as a wonderful farmers' market throughout the summer.

Close To Yellowstone Park

Gallatin River, Gallatin Canyon MontanaOne of the things that makes Big Sky Montana such as magical place is that there is no major metropolis near it.   Located off U.S. Highway 191 between Bozeman Montana and Yellowstone National Park, the only access is to drive through the legendary Gallatin River Canyon along the blue ribbon Gallatin River to get there.

The closest airport is the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, which is about 42 miles to the north. Yellowstone Park is 51 miles to the south of Big Sky along U.S. Highway 191, which is the West Entrance to Yellowstone at West Yellowstone, Montana.

You Will Love Big Sky, Montana!

Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, the Big Sky area and Big Sky Resort is a fantastic place to discover and explore.  The Big Sky Area is definitely one of Montana's "gems" that you will thoroughly enjoy spending time at.  Leave the crowds behind and get "lost" under the expanse of Montana's legendary "Big Sky".

Summer at Big Sky Resort Montana

Summertime at Big Sky Resort Mountain Village in Montana.

Top Things To Do In Montana: Big Sky Montana

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